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Welcome To My Home Page

I need another picture change, don't you think?

Okay, anyway, what's new in the world of Megan?  Not much...other than going to that wonderful place where you learn stuff, and driving around trying to find a job.  It's hard!  Oh well...

So anyway, enough about me and my life.  This website is to you!  Hehehehe, there are a lot of fun things that you can do, read, add to, look at, stuff like that.  By the way, Stuie, I loved your entry in my guestbook, it was...inspiring.  Hehehehehe, gotta love ya anyway, you are too cute!

Whoa, I got off track there for a sec, didn't I??  Okay, well, cruise around, check stuff out, I think I got most of my stuff updated, but I'm not so sure.  If I don't, be sure to tell me, and I'll get it updated!

Special Thank You

Okay, like before, this is for all those wonderful people who find it appealing to actually sign my guestbook when they come visit.  Hey, I don't know you were here if you don't sign.  Besides, what if I need to make more updates and changes, and you don't tell me??  This is what will happen if you don't sign my guestbook.  SO SIGN IT OR ELSE I'LL SEND MY POSSE ON YOU, AND YOU DON'T WANT THAT!!!!!!

Cheers and kisses

Welcome To My Home Page

Damn it, I did it again...lost my thought pattern...

Who makes me lose it, anyway??

Was it you?

No, I don't think it was you...

...or was it?

No, it was probably some hot guy I was thinking about......

......not in that way, you sicko!

Hey, if you know how to get some awsome muzac on here, tell me!

Hey, I think we need some tunez!  Don't you think?  So, turn on your stereo or media player and we'll call it good!  I'm not that talented, music is on my other site, not yet published to the web.  I'll send an e-mail about that.  Oh, that's the one on green frosting, Jeremy!  You'll love that one!

Hey guyz! Visit Trav's site! Sign the guestbook too! Just click here!

Don't Forget!

Okay, I'm freaking out about my page! GOOSEFRABAAAAAAAA!


I just thought this pic was cool!

Adding captions makes my pictures more interesting.


This is an awesome site when you need a laugh. Need one? Click me!